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Beazley: No Credibility

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Mr Beazley yesterday claimed a future Labor Government would deliver an underlying surplus in each of its first three budgets.

The leopard does not change its spots.

As finance minister for the 1994-95 and 1995-96 budgets, Mr Beazley presided over deficits of $13.1 billion and $10.3 billion.

What is more, Mr Beazley sought to deceive the public on his miserable failure.

When the Budget was heading for a $10.3 billion deficit, Mr Beazley said: We're operating in surplus, and our projections are for surpluses in the future. (The Age, 1 February 1996).

Now with Mr Beazley once again promising surpluses, his deputy, Mr Gareth Evans, is promising major spending on tourism, the restoration of DIFF (ABC Radio AM, 29 January 1998) as well as tax cuts. (Meet the Press, 15 February 1998).

The Opposition employment spokesman, Mr Martin Ferguson, said the Government should be digging into a surplus. (Doorstop, 12 February 1998).

Mr Beazley sends a different message to business.

This is a classic case of what Gareth Evans describes as ..walking both sides of the street. (Australian Financial Review, 23 January 1998).

19 February 1998

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19 Feb 1998

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