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OECD Economic Outlook 65 Projections



The latest economic projections released today by the OECD acknowledge Australia’s strong economic performance and project Australia to remain among the fastest growing economies in the world, well exceeding the performance of the total OECD in both 1999 and 2000.

In light of the Asian crisis, the favourable assessment by the OECD for Australia can be attributed to sound macroeconomic policies and ongoing microeconomic reform.

The OECD’s latest economic projections, along with an analysis of recent events in the world economy, will be incorporated in the OECD’s Economic Outlook 65, which will be published in June.

The OECD projections are broadly consistent with the forecasts contained in the 1999-2000 Budget. The OECD expects that GDP in Australia will grow by 3.2 per cent in 1999 and 3.4 per cent in 2000, underpinned by low interest rates and a sound budget position. Inflation is expected to remain consistent with the RBA’s medium-term target range. The current account deficit is projected to fall from 5.2 per cent of GDP in 1999 to 4.7 per cent in 2000.

In terms of the global outlook, the OECD notes that "the economic situation for the world and the OECD area as a whole now looks more favourable than it did six months ago" and considers the balance of risks no longer to be clearly on the downside.

18 May 1999
Hong Kong

18 May 1999

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