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Beazley says breaking tax promises not "Unreasonable"


Beazley says breaking tax promises not "Unreasonable"

Today Kim Beazley revealed his true attitude to promises on tax when he declared that Western Australian Premier Gallop's broken promise on tax was not unreasonable.

Premier Gallop explicitly promised before the Western Australian state election not to increase taxes, but two weeks ago broke that promise in his first budget by introducing a new property tax.

Kim Beazley this morning defended Premier Gallop's broken tax promise, saying:-
"It's a matter for the State Government to resolve, but I wouldn't have said it's hugely unreasonable."

Kim Beazley has experience in breaking tax promises, for instance, he infamously defended Labor's broken promise on L-A-W tax cuts at the same time as introducing increases in wholesale sales tax, fuel excise and company tax rates.

The fact is that Kim Beazley does not believe that promises on tax mean anything, and his track record speaks more eloquently than his empty rhetoric.

2 October 2001


2 Oct 2001

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