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Retirement of Edward Evans AC - Secretary to the Treasury


Retirement of Edward Evans AC - Secretary to the Treasury

Ted Evans retires today as Secretary to the Treasury, following 43 years in the public service.

Ted began his working life with what was then the Postmaster General’s Department (PMG) in Ipswich, Queensland. During the decade that Ted worked for the PMG, he studied at night, graduating from the University of Queensland in 1969 with Honours in Economics and joined the Federal Treasury.

Ted has worked under 16 Treasurers, and as Secretary worked for Treasurers Dawkins, Willis and myself. It is a mark of the man’s absolute integrity, dedication and commitment that he has enjoyed the unqualified confidence of all of the Treasurers for whom he has worked.

Ted has been an exemplary public servant. His advice has always been of a very high standard, demonstrating a detailed understanding of the issues and policy options available to the Government. And there has never been any question that Ted Evans is motivated by the highest of ideals - his firm commitment to the public interest. Ted was recently awarded a Companion in the Order of Australia in recognition of his extraordinary contribution to public policy.

Public service is an honourable undertaking, seldom celebrated as it deserves. I want to take this opportunity today to record my thanks to Ted Evans for a truly outstanding record of public service. I know that all of his colleagues will join with me in thanking Ted most sincerely for a long and distinguished career of service to the Treasury, to the process of government, and to the people of Australia.

26 April 2001

26 Apr 2001

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