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In October 2000 the Government released exposure draft legislation providing for the taxation of trusts like companies.

Following the release of the exposure draft legislation, the Government received a great number of submissions which raised technical problems particularly in relation to distinguishing the source of different distributions, and valuation and compliance issues that meant that the draft legislation is not workable.

The Government has also taken advice from the Board of Taxation which recommended that the Bill not proceed and suggested looking at alternative approaches.

As a consequence the Government is withdrawing the draft legislation and will not be legislating it. It will begin a new round of consultations on principles which can protect legitimate small business and farming arrangements whilst addressing any tax abuse in the trust area. The Board will be part of consultation.

Claims that the cost to revenue of this decision amount to $1 billion are false. A New Tax System policy statement costed this measure in conjunction with revenue bring forward under PAYG which has already been introduced and on a 36 per cent tax rate. Stripping out PAYG which has been introduced and allowing for a reduced tax rate at 30 per cent (as will apply from 1 July 2001), the cost of this decision in the full financial year 2001-2002 is of the order of $110 million.



27 February 2001

27 Feb 2001

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