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McMullan - More Misrepresentation



Shadow Treasurer Bob McMullan is again misleading the public by saying it is the Treasurer who has responsibility for administering performance bonuses.

Section 24 of the Public Service Act provides the Agency Head with the power to determine the remuneration of APS employees in the agency. In fact the same Act contains specific provisions to say that Agency Heads are not subject to direction by any Minister in this matter.

You can imagine the outcry from Labor if a Minister breached the Act to determine who was, and who was not eligible for a performance bonus.

Mr McMullan, again, serially misrepresents profit and loss on currency swaps, (a policy which he endorsed and defended as Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasurer). Those interested in the facts would be aware of the evidence given by Treasury officers yesterday on the subject.

Mr McMullan is too timid to ask questions in Parliament. He prefers the misrepresentations to the facts.

14 March 2002


14 Mar 2002

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