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I am pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Eric Mayne and Mr Curt Rendall to the Board of Taxation for terms of two years commencing from 15January 2005.

I am also pleased to announce the reappointment of Mr Richard Warburton as Chairman of the Board of Taxation for a term of three years, Mr Brett Heading and Mr Chris Jordan as members of the Board for terms of three years and Ms Jane Schwager as a member of the Board for a term of two years. These reappointments will commence from 15January 2005. Mr Jordan has also been appointed as Deputy Chairman of the Board of Taxation.

Mr Mayne is the Managing Partner of Mallesons Stephen Jaques. Mr Mayne specialises in goods and services tax, sales tax, customs and excise duty and payroll tax, and advises on the implications of such taxes on business arrangements and commercial contracts. Mr Mayne was a member of the GST Technical Committee which advised the Treasury and the Australian Taxation Office on GST issues, an external member of the Australian Taxation Office’s GST Public Rulings Panel, a member of the Taxation Committee of the Law Council of Australia and an honorary consultant of the Australian Law Reform Commission on Customs Duty.

Mr Rendall is a principal of Rendall Kelly, a firm of chartered accountants specialising in small business. Mr Rendall is a member of the Board of Taxation’s advisory panel and an Associate Commissioner for the Productivity Commission’s public inquiry, Smash Repair and Insurance. During 2002-03 he was a member of the Dawson Committee review of the competition provisions of the Trade Practices Act.

The Board of Taxation is an independent, non-statutory body established to advise the Government on the development and implementation of taxation legislation and the ongoing operation of the tax system.

In addition, I wish to thank Mr John Bronger and Mr Tony D’Aloisio for their contributions to the Board of Taxation.

I take this opportunity to congratulate Messrs Mayne and Rendall on their appointment to the Board.

22 December 2004

22 Dec 2004

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