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Productivity Commission to Examine Built Heritage Conservation


Hon Peter Costello, Treasurer
Senator Ian Campbelll, Minister for the Environment and Heritage


The Treasurer and the Minister for the Environment Heritage, Senator Ian Campbell, today announced that the Productivity Commission will undertake an inquiry into the conservation of Australia’s historic built heritage.

The Commission will report on the economic, social and environmental benefits and costs of conserving Australia’s historic built heritage.

The Treasurer noted that the inquiry will look at the policy framework and seek information about the impacts of regulatory, taxation and institutional arrangements on the conservation of historic heritage places. The inquiry will also look at emerging technological, environmental and social trends that offer potential new approaches to conservation.

Senator Campbell said the inquiry would complement the Government’s new national heritage system, established in 2004, to reduce duplication across governments and strengthen the protection of Australia’s most important heritage places.

He went on to say that Australia’s heritage is of great value to both the economy and our national identity. This inquiry will help identify the value of our historic heritage and determine how individuals, the private sector and governments can work together to conserve our historic heritage better. The inquiry will inform government on future approaches for managing the conservation and use of our historic heritage places.

The Productivity Commission will shortly invite expressions of interest from anyone wanting to participate in the review.
Senator Campbell encouraged anyone with any interest in the inquiry to make a submission to the Commission.

To obtain copies of the terms of reference or to register interest in the inquiry, visit the Productivity Commission website at

CANBERRA, 6 April 2005

Contact: David Alexander 02 6277 7340 (Treasurer’s office)
Renae Stoikos 0418 568 434 (Campbell’s office)

6 Apr 2005

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