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Queensland must cut State Taxes



Queensland has benefited more than any other state from the introduction of GST.

Over the last three years, Queensland has already received a $1.3 billion windfall in GST revenue. It has so far refused to use this windfall to cut state taxes.

Over the next four years, Queensland will receive a $3.3 billion windfall from GST.

Queensland has the clear capacity to abolish the states taxes it agreed to abolish in 1999 in an agreement signed by Premier Beattie.

As well, it can also cut land taxes out of the spiralling land tax windfalls it has received since 1999.

It is highly suspicious that Mr Mackenroth, who this morning was quoted as saying he didn't feel any pressure to cut state taxes, suddenly remembered this afternoon that he had a plan to cut land tax.

The public is entitled to know what the new rates and thresholds for land tax will be and to hold the Queensland Government accountable for this new promise.

21 March 2005

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21 Mar 2005

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