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Bob Carr, Labor Leadership

Transcript No. 2000/81


Doorstop Interview

Tuesday, 25 July 2000
9.30 am

SUBJECTS: Bob Carr, Labor Leadership


How do you think Bob Carr will fare in the Federal arena from State?


Well, we welcome Mr Carr’s entry into Federal Parliament and I think he would give a bit more talent to the Labor frontbenchers. You would have seen reported in the papers this morning, they are obviously having trouble with talent and there is concern particularly in NSW they wouldn’t be able to form a Ministry and I think Mr Carr would make a contribution. Mr Carr’s policy on GST is also much more responsible than Kim Beazley’s. And, as you know, there is a lot of concern in the NSW Labor Party about the roll-back policy which is self-destructive on Beazley. And both Carr and Della Bosca have been much more responsible. They’ve accepted tax reform, they recognise it is necessary, they obviously don’t trust Beazley on his tax plans and if Mr Carr can come to Canberra and straighten out Labor’s tax policy I think that would be a welcome step forward.


But Mr Carr’s had a great deal of success as a politician here in New South Wales. Would he be a formidable opponent?


Well, I think he’d be a formidable opponent for Kim Beazley. And you’ve got to remember he would be entering to take on Beazley and I think he would be a formidable opponent for Beazley. He is much more sensible on tax issues than Beazley. The New South Wales Labor Party doesn’t trust Beazley on tax. We know that. We know that from Della Bosca, we know that from Carr. They’re right – Beazley’s wrong. And so if Mr Carr entered Federal politics and straightened out this stupid roll-back position I think it would help the Labor Party and what’s more I think it would lead to a better tax debate in Australia.


So what do you make of Mr Carr’s denials this morning?


Well, of course he has to say that. But I think the important thing for Bob Carr is to straighten out the Labor Party tax policy. The reason they want Carr in Canberra is that Carr understands tax and Beazley doesn’t. You know, Carr one, Beazley nil. Carr and Della Bosca have an understanding of tax issues. They know this roll-back is stupid. And if Beazley won’t straighten himself out then Carr’s going to come to Canberra and try and do it for him. And I welcome Mr Carr coming to Canberra. I think he has the capacity to sort out a lot of the Beazley problems. … sort out Beazley. I think that’s the most important thing.


Bob Carr would never be able to……..


Carr the cure for Beazley’s bungles. Carr for Canberra to cure the Beazley bungles. I think he could make a welcome addition on tax. Good luck to him. Thanks.

25 Jul 2000

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