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Anzac Day; Security; Travel advice



23 April 2003

Gallipoli, Turkey


SUBJECTS: Anzac Day; Security; Travel advice


Mr Costello, what do you expect as of Friday, and what do you foresee more importantly?


This is probably the most important day in the Australian calendar because not only does it commemorate the soldiers who served Australia, it is also the site of Australia's first going into battle. It is very important for our national identity. And I think the fact that you see so many Australians here travelling here to Anzac Cove and Gallipoli, showing what it means to them, even today, 88 years after the event, shows you what an important place this is in our nation's history and in the way our nation sees itself.


Do you foresee, or are you concerned, about terrorist security and issues that have been raised in the last week or so about Australians (inaudible) here and (inaudible)?


Well, people should carefully consider the travel advice which has been issued and avoid places such as bars which would conceivably be targets.

(Inaudible) the (inaudible) there is still the opportunity to (inaudible) to Anzac Cove and be part of, what I trust will be, a very memorable, very moving service of remembrance here on Anzac Day.


What steps has the Australian Government taken with the Turkish authorities to try and ensure the safety of Australians?


Well, the Australian Government has been in contact with the Turkish authorities who have been working, who are responsible for security, of course. We have been working closely with them in relation to the security (inaudible) with (inaudible) who are here and they are co-operating fully with the Turkish authorities. But you have got to remember this is Turkey and so the Turkish authorities are responsible for the security with our assistance and our co-operation.


Does the Government perceive the New Zealand (inaudible)…?


The (inaudible) warnings the Government has received and taken in (inaudible). The travel advice has been issued. It warns Australian against congregating in places where they could become (inaudible) hostile people (inaudible)…anything of that kind. But having taken proper arrangements for their own security it is still a great opportunity to be here and take part in a moving ceremony.


Given that the travel advice hasn't been changed in five days was the Prime Minister somewhat alarmist by saying, he is not saying people shouldn't come here, (inaudible) quite an alarmist tone just before an Anzac Day?


Well the thing for people to do is to look carefully at travel advice and to make their own decision. There are some things that the travel advice warns against. Against congregating in bars, for example, (inaudible)…but it also says in co-operation with Turkish authorities (inaudible)…We are co-operating very (inaudible)…


24 Apr 2003

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